Know the Exhaust Repairs You Should Prioritize

The exhaust system on your vehicle is quite important to the overall performance of its engine, and it also does a lot of work to prevent the release of toxic pollutants to the environment. It is important to understand the different kinds of repairs that might be necessary for this system, and also how to prioritize them. While you should have every exhaust system concern seem to in a timely way, there are some that will give you a reason for more immediate concern.

Performance-Related Repairs

These repairs affect not only the vehicle’s exhaust and emissions control systems, but also the engine performance. Under extreme conditions, it is possible that they can even cause problems with starting or stalling.

  • Failing oxygen sensors
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Exhaust pipes

The oxygen sensor is the main performance-related issue out of these concerns, but leaks in the manifold or the exhaust pipes can cause fumes to build up in and around the engine in ways that affect the reliability of your O2 sensor. This leads to vehicle performance issues that are similar to oxygen sensor failure, in addition to noise and pollution concerns.

Pollution and Noise-Related Repairs

The following repairs affect your vehicle emissions and noise output, which can affect your vehicle registration in some jurisdictions.

  • Catalytic converter failure
  • Muffler replacement

While the vehicle will remain driveable with most exhaust problems, the buildup of fumes and excess noise pollution affect both your experience and your vehicle’s long-term performance. To learn more about exhaust replacement in San Diego, visit this website.


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