Why Is My Muffler Suddenly Much Louder

The muffler is attached to the end of the exhaust system and is designed to dampen the noise caused by the exhaust process, and help route emissions away from your vehicle. Sometimes a loud muffler is normal. Performance mufflers are designed to increase air circulation and are therefore noisier than traditional mufflers, but if you have a standard muffler, here are two of the main reasons it may be making too much noise.

1.      As mufflers age they can rust and holes will appear as a result of corrosion.

Although the heat and pressure a muffler regularly endures during use will eventually result in damage, wet and salted roads can accelerate the corrosion process. A related cause of excessive noise is a loose exhaust pipe, which allows exhaust gases to escape from the point where the pipe is connected to the muffler. The pipe can loosen due to rust at the coupling.

2.       The baffles in the muffler can break loose.

If the baffles inside the muffler break off, they can bounce around inside and cause a loud rattling noise. The baffles help to suppress sound, so if they become damaged the muffler will be louder as well.

If your muffler begins to make unusual noise, it needs to be fixed right away as dangerous gases can leak from the muffler into the cabin and cause serious health problems to the occupants, including death from carbon monoxide poisoning. To learn more about muffler repair in La Jolla, visit this website.


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