How Your Vehicle’s Suspension System Works

How Your Vehicle’s Suspension System Works

The road isn’t always smooth, so your car has to compensate for the little bumps and big potholes that crop up on the surface. This is where your suspension system comes in. Without the suspension system, every time the wheels of your ride hit any irregularity, you would feel it in the vehicle. The suspension system provides a smooth ride and lets you handle your car safer. Learn more about these two vital operations.


Provides a Smooth Ride


Your vehicle has coil or leaf springs at every wheel, and this, combined with the shock absorbers, dissipate the up-and-down motions that occur when you’re on the road. When you feel like you’re being bumped around from every little abnormality on the road, your shocks and struts are probably wearing out. The longer you wait to get these checked out, the more damage that will done to your car.


Allows Safe Handling of Your Car


The suspension system also works to minimize the hazards when braking or making corners. Without the suspension system, when you turn a corner, due to simple physics, your car could tip over onto the two wheels on the outside of the turn. If your vehicle is considered top-heavy, you may have torsion bars, or anti-sway bars, to help keep you balanced when you make corners.

Enjoy a smooth ride and get your vehicle checked out. It’s easy to put off your car’s maintenance, but not good for your wallet. To learn more about vehicle’s suspension system replacement in San Diego, please visit this website.


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