How to Tell You Might Have an Exhaust Manifold Leak

How to Tell You Might Have an Exhaust Manifold Leak

Most people don’t think about their exhaust system until it’s too late. Here in California, you have to take care of it not just for your own benefits, but for the environment. Here are three signs that your car might display when it’s experiencing an exhaust manifold leak.


Lower Gas Mileage


When your exhaust system isn’t functioning properly, you will see that you’re getting fewer miles per gallon. Although there are many other reasons that cause decreased fuel efficiency, get your car to a mechanic to help you diagnose the problem before it gets worse.

Gas Pedal Vibrates

When you accelerate, if your gas pedal vibrates, it’s probably due to an exhaust manifold leak. A small hole, just the size of a pin, can cause your car to vibrate. A bigger leak might be felt through the steering wheel and throughout the car. Don’t wait to get repairs.

Increased Engine Noise

You know the sound of your engine when it runs normal. If it’s getting louder and rumbling when you’re on the road, it’s a sign that something is not right in the exhaust system. The fumes of your car can be hazardous, so you should not wait to take it to the shop.

Don’t Wait to Get Repairs


An exhaust manifold leak could be as simple as a gasket that has deteriorated to a cracked pipe. A mechanic will quickly pinpoint the location and get you back on the road. To learn more about exhaust manifold repair in San Diego, please visit this website.


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